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Life at Stort Valley & Villages Children's Centre Group
“Enhancing the Wellbeing of Children and Families in Their Local Communities”

School Readiness & Childcare Options

Our Children's Centres have a responsibility to support child development and school readiness.  

Transition sessions are available for all children and their families starting school in September with the aim to improve outcomes around development, increase each child’s school readiness and to improve parental engagement because research shows that parents are the most important influence on a child’s learning.

What is School Readiness?

  • Between the ages of four and five, children should be prepared to be separated from their parent or main carer
  • Children should be able to clearly demonstrate their ability to listen and follow age appropriate instructions
  • Children should show an interest in a variety of subjects, paying attention to the subject or activity they are taking part in
  • Children should have enough of a range of vocabulary and language to express their needs, feelings, thoughts or ideas
  • Children should be able to identify themselves by name, age, state factors in their life, name family members etc
  • To be able to interact in an age appropriate way with another child or adult
  • Children should be able to interact, share and play, taking responsibility for their actions, understanding repercussions for their actions
  • Focus on and also show interest in the work they are undertaking
  • To be able to observe, notice, discuss and ask questions about their environment and experiences
  • To be able to engage with books, have some understanding of words and language
  • Respond to boundary setting
  • Vocalise their needs such as toileting, thirst, hunger illness etc

To help under-fives get ready for school, our services include parenting programmes, antenatal support, and Early Year’s Education services, such as Play and Learn’ sessions.  These sessions are planned using the Early Years Foundation Stage

We work closely in partnership with local primary schools offering Transition programmes which run over four weeks, usually the last four weeks of the Summer term.  These sessions give children and their parents/carers the opportunity to visit the school classroom, meet the teachers and familiarise themselves with school routines.

For more information on Transition Sessions, please call 01279 696853.

Childcare options

For details of local childcare places including childminders, pre-schools, day nurseries and breakfast/after school clubs, please visit the Hertfordshire childcare information for parents page:

 Find your local childcare options here