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Life at Stort Valley & Villages Children's Centre Group
“Enhancing the Wellbeing of Children and Families in Their Local Communities”

Healthy Children's Centre Programme

The aim of the Healthy Children’s Centre Programme is to improve health outcomes for children pre-birth to five and their families.  

Giving every child the best start is crucial to sustaining health throughout life into older age. 
The Healthy Children’s Centre Programme covers 8 health priorities where Children's Centres can positively affect outcomes.  These are: 

1. Healthy weight; healthy lives
2. Improving oral health
3. Improving mental health and emotional wellbeing
4. Improving sexual health
5. Reducing alcohol and substance misuse
6. Tobacco control
7. Increasing childhood immunisation rates
8. Child, family and Centre safety 

Healthy Children's Centre Campaign Calendar 2018

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