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Family Health


Measles Outbreak

There have been clusters of measles outbreaks in Hertfordshire as well as continued outbreaks in other parts of the UK and in Europe. With the holiday season approaching please make sure your children are fully immunised.

Scarlet Fever

There are currently a higher number of reports than the previous four seasons of cases of scarlet fever in England. As yet cases in Hertfordshire are not higher than we would expect and there is no cause for alarm as this is a seasonal increase in an infection which is comparatively mild; it is worth knowing the signs and when to seek medical help.

If a parent or anyone thinks their child has it and are showing symptoms, they should take advice by contacting their GP by phone or calling NHS 111. Although a mild infection and not difficult to treat in most cases, it is sensible for parents to get advice because the risk of complications varies among children.

The NHS website has a helpful page on scarlet fever.