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The Important Role of Dad

An involved father is one who is sensitive, warm, close, friendly, supportive, intimate, nurturing, affectionate, encouraging, comforting and accepting.

When fathers are engaged in taking care of their infants, the positive results are clear. Babies become more securely attached to their fathers, are more resilient and curious, and they are more confident to branch out and explore.

Here are some ways fathers can create attachment with their infants:

  • Pay attention to their cues, and respond consistently and compassionately.
  • Keep them physically close. Baby-wearing is a perfect way to use physical closeness to promote feelings of safety and security.
  • Talk, read, and sing to your baby. Even if she’s too young to understand what you’re saying, she’ll learn to be comforted by your voice.
  • Play with your baby in an age-appropriate way (peekaboo, for instance).

More research information can be found here:

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