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Child Safety

Promoting safety advice to parents to help them to give their children a safe environment to grow up in is important so that the risk of injury to children is minimised.

Many unintentional injuries and related deaths are preventable.  Children’s Centres can help families to understand risks to children’s safety by raising awareness of the practical steps parents can take to prevent serious injury, both inside the home and outside of the home.  Children’s Centres offer First Aid courses to parents and work alongside Health Visitors, GPs and Pharmacists to ensure that families are educated about minor illness and injuries and know the right service to access.

Hertfordshire Children’s Centres have an important role, alongside other professionals, in educating families about the risks associated with cot death and encouraging safe sleeping in order to reduce the possibility of cot death.  Centres work together with Health Visitors and other health professionals to identify families with risk factors associated with cot death and support them with the relevant advice and treatment.


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