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Life at Stort Valley & Villages Children's Centre Group
“Enhancing the Wellbeing of Children and Families in Their Local Communities”

Baby Friendly Initiative                                                  

Children’s Centres have an important role in improving outcomes for young children and their families.

They are an excellent source of information and work together with health providers to support the delivery of UNICEF UK baby friendly initiative standards within their area.

The Hertfordshire Children’s Centre Programme through its 29 groups of Children’s Centres is committed to providing the highest standard of care to support expectant and new mothers and their partners to feed their baby and build strong and loving parent/infant relationships.  All materials produced for families will reflect the Baby Friendly standards.

Stort Valley & Villages Children’s Centre Group agree that all mothers, fathers and carers have the right to receive clear and impartial information taking into account each individual family’s needs to enable them to make fully informed choices as to how they feed and care for their babies.

Children’s Centre staff will not discriminate against any parent or carer in their chosen method of feeding and will give full support when their choice is made.  Parents who have decided to bottle feed are encouraged to do so responsively and information is provided in order to support this.

The Children’s Centre also provides other services which promote responsive parent/child relationships including the promotion of ‘Five to Thrive’, and My Baby's Brain messages.

Our Children’s centre has two named infant feeding links Sue Andrews and Kim Nicholson who ensure information is shared with parents, the Children’s Centre team and partners.